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Nimma Nimma – Jaspreet Jasz

Nimma Nimma Jogiya is a Desi Punjabi Bhangra track composed by AR Rahman. The song was performed as part of a medley during the London Olympics opening ceremony in 2012. Danny Boyle directed the event.

Song Info
Song Nimma Nimma
Singer Jaspreet Jasz
Lyrics Jaspreet Jasz
Music A.R. Rahman
Label A.R. Rahman


Nimma Nimma Lyrics


Haisha… hoye nimma nimma
Haisha… hoye nimma nimma
Haisha… hoye nimma nimma Jogiya! [x2]

Nimma nimma hans de tu Jogiya
Kanni kach diyaan mundra tu paa
Haisha… oye nimma nimma
Haisha… oye nimma nimma

Je tu kar tere sang ik waar
Bas mainu miliya ae Rab tere naal
Nee tere nain sharabi (Haisha)
Nee tere gal gulabi (Haisha)


Tere ankhi jado tapeya kamaal
Nimma nimma hans de…

O nimma nimma
Oye nimma nimma
O nimma nimma… Jogiya

Haisha… Aye nimma nimma
Haisha… Aye nimma nimma
Haisha… Aye nimma nimma Jogiya!

Written By: Jaspreet Jasz

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Nimma Nimma Song Faqs:

Who wrote the words to the song “Nimma Nimma“?
The lyrics to “Nimma Nimma” were written by Jaspreet Jasz

Who is the singer of the song “Nimma Nimma“?
Nimma Nimma” was performed by Jaspreet Jasz

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